Start Something Priceless: Mastercard announces its new campaign.

Amanda Slabber
23 February 2018

On 18th January 2018 Mastercard announced the launch of its new campaign – “Start Something Priceless”. The company is tying into the latest social media trend and inspiring its customers to pursue their passion or purpose in life.

In Mastercard’s Press Release, Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, states that the campaign is a call to action. It’s the company’s answer to consumers expecting more from the brands they know and use than just advertising:

“This is a time when people truly believe in their own power to fuel change, and whether big or small, an action has the ability to make the world a better place,” said Rajamannar. “That movement is what we aim to unleash this year.”

Mastercard is tapping into a trend and lifestyle to bring customers into the work they do around the world, whether that’s helping people make everyday small purchases, achieve lifetime goals or help communities that need it.

“Every day at Mastercard, we work to make a difference in communities across the world, whether that’s reversing the cycle of poverty with the World Food Programme, donating to Stand Up To Cancer to give more people support in their fight, or bringing young girls into our family to inspire and prepare for a career in STEM,” Raja Rajamannar added.

Mastercard hopes their new campaign will spawn a movement and is encouraging its customers to share their pledges to pursue their passions and purpose using the hashtag #StartSomethingPriceless. Consumers can choose any commitment that improves or enriches their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.

To begin with “Start Something Priceless” was brought to the US via the Grammy Awards, focusing on shining examples including musicians who have overcome adversity and realised their dreams. And that is just the start. Mastercard will also be looking at new ways to help people make a difference. This includes interactive donation billboards which were installed in Paris and helped people donate a week of meals for one school child via a contactless payment system. This contributed towards the company’s mission to deliver 100 million school meals in partnership with the World Food Programme.

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